Common Problems and how to properly address them

Procedure on delayed or non-receipt of e-load or e-pin

Note: It must be emphasized to the retailer that the Customer staffs serves inquiries on a first-come, first-serve basis when queries are made via IM or text. Depending on the query, the staff has to access the logs or cross with the system data base.

The agent should also mention that our system is carrier-dependent. If the carriers are experiencing problems, our SMS delivery system will also be affected. Furthermore, like the rest of the providers, our platform is running on hardware and software applications. There will be times that we might experience problems as well.

1. Contact Customer Support and provide the following:                                                                    – Trace Number and date of transaction if there is a confirmation of the sale.                                – If none, buyer’s mobile number and retailer number

2. For e-load transaction that are not successful, reversals of amount deducted from the retailer will be made within 24 hours.

3. For e-PINs that are not received by the buyers, the retailer should use the Resend feature of LoadCentral:                                                                                                                                       – For Webtool users, just type the buyer’s mobile # on the ‘Resend Buyer’s PIN’ box and click the bar.                                                                                                                                               – For SMS users, just type: Resend<space>retailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS password<space>buyer’s mobile #.                                                                                                         Send to any LoadCentral Access Number                                                                                     Note: The Resend feature will only send the LAST e-PIN product purchased by the buyer. It will also not work with e-load transactions.

Procedure on claimed invalid or used e-PIN:

Note: It must be emphasized to the retailer that they should not refund the amount to his/her buyer unless validated by Customer Support that the e-PIN is indeed invalid or already used. All of us are re-sellers and we need to check  the specific product first with the provider.

Furthermore, the agent should mention to the retailer that there are buyers, mostly online gamers, that deliberately attempt to fool the retailer. The buyer quickly loads the e-PIN to his real account, opens up a dummy account and load again the same e-PIN. The online game publisher will naturally give a prompt saying  the e-PIN is used already. The gamer will then show this to the retailer and either demand a refund or another e-PIN.

1. Retailer should double check first if the right characters were used by the buyer. Sometimes buyers get confused with similar characters like the number zero and the letter O and small and capital letters eye (i), small letter el (l) and number one (1). Also, e-PINs and passwords of prepaid cards are case-sensitive.

2. If the e-PIN is correctly log in and the buyer is getting invalid or used reply by the provider, retailer should contact Customer Support and provide the Trace Number.

3. Customer Support will check with the data base and dictate, text or IM the e-PIN. If it is the same, Customer Support will ask the retailer not to refund since validation still has to be made with the provider. Depending on the availability of the provider’s own customer support and their procedure, validation of the e-PIN can take from 5 minutes to 3 days.