Features and Benefits

The Loadcentral Advantage

  • Minimum Capital Needed
  • Can register any active prepaid or post-paid mobile phone from any of the carriers (Smart, Globe and Sun) or any retailer Sim from Smart, Globe and Sun.
  • Free registration or No joining fee.
  • Two (2) means or applications of selling e-loads and e-PINs: via SMS or PC with internet connection using the LoadCentral Webtool.
  • Load Central has more than 100 products with over 400 denominations                                    e-loads (Smart e-load, Globe Amax, Sun Xpressload)                                                              all cell cards (Smart, Globe and Sun)                                                                                    all online gaming cards (MOLPoints, LevelUp, e-Games, Garena, Game Club etc)                  internet cards, landline cards (PLDT, Globe, Digitel)                                                              satellite cards (Dream and Smartlink)
  • e-Pins of International Online Games like MOLPoints, Ultimate Game Card (UGC), and Garena are available only at LoadCentral.
  • All those available products and not a thing to worry about inventory. No risk of losing any card.
  • No worries on card expiration.
  • Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product.
  • Free posters
  • Safe due to locking feature in cases the mobile unit being used is lost or stolen. Existing balance can be transferred to a new registered account.
  • Webtool can be locked via SMS when transactions are done for the day.
  • System-generated sales transaction report. No need to manually list  down all sales if selling is done using the Webtool. For those using SMS, owners can check list done by their staff by accessing it thru the their net anywhere.

Advantages of using the Webtool in selling products:

  1. No SMS cost since transaction is via web interface.
  2. Faster and more efficient since it by-passes our access SMS #’s.
  3.  For the e-PIN that was just sold, the details are displayed on the PC monitor. The retailer can just write it in a piece of paper in the event that there are delays in SMS.
  4. Even if all the carriers’ SMS systems are down, the retailer can still dispense e-PINs by selling to his own account.
  5. A retailer can do advance selling to himself of fast-movers. He can either write it in pieces of paper or print the e-PINs. He can sell a maximum of 10 e-PINs of the same product denom per transaction.
  6. A static IP address offers the best security for the retailer since  transaction using the Webtool can only be done in his shop.  The DSL ISP normally provide this.
  7. In the absence of a static IP address, the retailer can use the web lock feature of the system. To lock the web access, the retailer types on his registered mobile – Lock<space>Retailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS password and send to any LoadCentral Access Number. To unlock it, retailer types – Unlock<space>Retailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS password and send to any LoadCentral Access Number.
  • Customer Service Support for 7 days a week including Holidays