Load Central MOL

The Loadcentral Advantage
• Minimum Capital Needed
• Can register any active prepaid or post-paid mobile phone from any of the carriers (Smart, Globe and Sun) or any retailer Sim from Smart, Globe and Sun.
• Free registration or No joining fee.
• Two (2) means or applications of selling e-loads and e-PINs: via SMS or PC with internet connection using the LoadCentral Webtool.
• Load Central has more than 100 products with over 400 denominations e-loads (Smart e-load, Globe Amax, Sun Xpressload) all cell cards (Smart, Globe and Sun) all online gaming cards (MOLPoints, LevelUp, e-Games, Garena, Game Club etc) internet cards, landline cards (PLDT, Globe, Digitel) satellite cards (Dream and Smartlink)
• e-Pins of International Online Games like MOLPoints, Ultimate Game Card (UGC), and Garena are available only at LoadCentral.
• All those available products and not a thing to worry about inventory. No risk of losing any card.
• No worries on card expiration.
• Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product.
• Free posters
• Safe due to locking feature in cases the mobile unit being used is lost or stolen. Existing balance can be transferred to a new registered account.
• Webtool can be locked via SMS when transactions are done for the day.
• System-generated sales transaction report. No need to manually list down all sales if selling is done using the Webtool. For those using SMS, owners can check list done by their staff by accessing it thru the their net anywhere.

Advantages of using the Webtool in selling products:
1. No SMS cost since transaction is via web interface.
2. Faster and more efficient since it by-passes our access SMS #’s.
3. For the e-PIN that was just sold, the details are displayed on the PC monitor. The retailer can just write it in a piece of paper in the event that there are delays in SMS.
4. Even if all the carriers’ SMS systems are down, the retailer can still dispense e-PINs by selling to his own account.
5. A retailer can do advance selling to himself of fast-movers. He can either write it in pieces of paper or print the e-PINs. He can sell a maximum of 10 e-PINs of the same product denom per transaction.
6. A static IP address offers the best security for the retailer since transaction using the Webtool can only be done in his shop. The DSL ISP normally provide this.
7. In the absence of a static IP address, the retailer can use the web lock feature of the system. To lock the web access, the retailer types on his registered mobile – LockRetailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS password and send to any LoadCentral Access Number. To unlock it, retailer types – UnlockRetailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS password and send to any LoadCentral Access Number.

• Customer Service Support for 7 days a week including Holidays

LoadCentral SMS Access Numbers:
• 09229990214
• 09228504340
• 09178662418
• 09209456856
• 09209456857

Office Landlines
• 441-2407
• 441-5171
• 441-5164
• 441-2414
• 441-5356
• 441-6238
• 441-5357
• 441-6239

> Dial 1 for Deposit Verification and Loading:
Available on the following time schedule:
09:00 AM – 05:00 PM, Monday to Friday
09:00 AM – 12:00 PM, Saturday

Deposit Verification TXTHotline: 09285083355

To get the sample syntax, just type: GETbankEX Send to Deposit Verification TXTHotline
Gtalk Account: LC.verUNIWIZ@gmail.com
email: admin@loadcentral.com.ph

> Dial 2 for Customer Support:
Available on the following time schedule:
9:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday to Saturday
10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sunday

Customer Support TXTHotline: 09285067310
IM: Google Talk – new.acct.lc@gmail.com
email: help@loadcentral.com.ph

Load Wallet Buying Procedures
For the fastest and most efficient wallet replenishment, send desired reload amount to LoadCentral through any of the following payment methods:
1. Bank Deposit Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc.
Banks and Account Number:
• Metrobank: 0553-0555-17640
• BDO: 00253-001-3337
• BPI: 9661-014633

2. Wireless Transfer Account Name: Uniwiz Trade Sales Inc.
Smart Money: 5577-5113-2164-6117
A notice of the fund transfer of deposit must be made by the dealer/subdealer/retailer by sending a text message or calling our office to process the wallet replenishment. Loading time is between thirty (30) minutes to two (2) hours
To process your wallet replenishment, kindly send the complete information Exactly as follows:
Note: wrong: 1,000 or PHP1000 ; correct: 1000
Do not put any unnecessary characters that are Not included on the text format (e.g. Period(.) & additional spaces)
Accepted date formats: Dec09, Dec 09, December 09, Dec 09, 2012-01-02, 02Jan2011
*If deposited at Metrobank
DEPNameUserNameMBTCBranch NameDateTimeAmount
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,MBTC,cebu city,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
*If deposited at BDO DEPNameUserNameBDOBranch NameBranch codeDateTimeAmount
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BDO,cebu city,123cd,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
(Note: The BDO branch code is the 3-digit number following the letters CD below the word Uniwiz on the validated deposit slip)
*If deposited at BPI
DEPNameUserNameBPIBranch NameDateTimeAmount
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BPI,cebu city,123abcd4,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
*If transferred thru MBTC-Internet Banking
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,MBTC-IB,854623,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
*If transferred thru BDO-Internet Banking
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BDO-IB,FT20111204-115599,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
*If transferred thru BPI-Internet Banking
DEPNameUserNameBPI-IBConfirmation#DateTimeAmount Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BPI-IB,002523569863254195368524,2011-11-25,12:30:21,1000
*If transferred thru SmartMoney
Example: DEP Juan dela Cruz, 09181234567,SM,06060544559,2011-11-25,12:30:00,1000
For Follow-ups:
FFRegistered NumberBankDate & Time of Deposit/Transfer
Example: FF 09181234567 BDO 2011-12-25 12:30:21
For Any Concern with regard to Verification: DEPMSGMessageRegistered Number
Example: DEP MSG, What’s your BPI Account Number? thanks, 09181234567

Txt Hotline: 0928-5083355
Gtalk: LC.verUNIWIZ@gmail.com
Email: admin@loadcentral.com.ph

Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 12:00nn

Txt Hotline: 0928-5067310
Google Talk: new.acct.lc@gmail.com
CSR email: help@loadcentral.com.ph
Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
TRUNKLINES: 441-2407, 441-2414, 441-5164, 441-5357, 441-5171, 441-6238, 441-6239, 441-5356
Deposit Verification: press “1” Customer Service Support press “2”
Sales Department: press “3”
FAX Number: 921-3886
When sending us a copy of your deposit slip thru FAX, please include your Registered name and Registered number

Load Selling and Changing Password Procedures

Load Selling and Change Password Procedure

To access the Webtool, log-in to:
www.loadcentral.net enter the Retailer’s Username (mobile number) and Password *Always put a 63 instead of 0 as the prefix of your mobile number.
1. Your Retailer Number is displayed along with your real-time Wallet Balance.
2. Transaction Status
• Status of your Sales transaction is displayed above the Retailer’s Webtool. Successful transactions are in BLUE font, while RED font for unsuccessful transactions.
3. How to Change Password
• Click the change password button
• Provide the required information
1. *Username (remember to start with 63 instead of 0)
2. SMS or First Level (FL) Password OLD Password, New Password (minimum of 6 characters)
4. How a Retailer Makes a Sale:
a. Select a Product Category where the product to be sold belongs (e.g. ELOAD PRODUCTS).
b. Click the drop-down arrow to view all available products and choose the product to be sold.
c. Enter buyer’s number on the “Buyer’s No.” field if selling multiple e-PIN product to the customer. Then click “Sell Product.”
Note that is it Required to input amount on the “Option” field if selling (GLOBE/TM Amax Other” products (e.g. type 40 for PHP40)
d. After a successful transaction, your recent sales transaction will appear and the buyer will receive the e-PIN or eload via SMS.
Note: The quantity can only be adjusted on e-PINS and a maximum of 10pins can be sold at one time.
5. How to resend:
a. Just type the mobile number of the buyer in the space provided.
b. Click “Resend”
c. System will resend the e-PIN via SMS to the buyer.
Note: Resend is only applicable for the last e-PIN transaction and Not for e-Loads. Also the last e-PIN bought by that mobile number is the only one that the system will resend.
6. How the Retailer Generate a Sales Report:
a. Scroll down to “New System Sales Report” Click the Start Date. Select the date you want your sales report to start.
b. Click the End Date. Select the date you want your sales report to end.
c. Click “Submit”
Webtool Advantage:
• Faster and more efficient since it by-passes our SMS access numbers.
• For the e-PIN that was just sold, the details are displayed on the PC monitor. The retailer can just write it in a piece of paper in the event that there are delays in SMS.
• Even if all the carriers’ SMS systems are down. The retailer can still dispense e-PINS by selling to his own account.
• A retailer can do advance selling to himself of fast moving products. He can either write it in pieces of paper or print the e-PINS. He can sell a maximum of 10 e-PINs of the same product denom per transaction.
• A static IP address offers the best security for the retailer since transaction using the web tool can only be done in a certain define location. THE DSL ISP normally provides this.

Procedure on delayed or non-receipt of e-load or e-pin
Note: It must be emphasized to the retailer that the Customer staffs serves inquiries on a first-come, first-serve basis when queries are made via IM or text. Depending on the query, the staff has to access the logs or cross with the system data base.
The agent should also mention that our system is carrier-dependent. If the carriers are experiencing problems, our SMS delivery system will also be affected. Furthermore, like the rest of the providers, our platform is running on hardware and software applications. There will be times that we might experience problems as well.
1. Contact Customer Support and provide the following:
• Trace Number and date of transaction if there is a confirmation of the sale.
• If none, buyer’s mobile number and retailer number
2. For e-load transaction that are not successful, reversals of amount deducted from the retailer will be made within 24 hours.
3. For e-PINs that are not received by the buyers, the retailer should use the Resend feature of LoadCentral:
• For Webtool users, just type the buyer’s mobile # on the ‘Resend Buyer’s PIN’ box and click the bar.
• For SMS users, just type: Resendretailer’s First Level (FL) or SMS passwordbuyer’s mobile #.
Send to any LoadCentral Access Number
Note: The Resend feature will only send the LAST e-PIN product purchased by the buyer. It will also not work with e-load transactions.
Procedure on claimed invalid or used e-PIN:
Note: It must be emphasized to the retailer that they should not refund the amount to his/her buyer unless validated by Customer Support that the e-PIN is indeed invalid or already used. All of us are re-sellers and we need to check the specific product first with the provider.
Furthermore, the agent should mention to the retailer that there are buyers, mostly online gamers, that deliberately attempt to fool the retailer. The buyer quickly loads the e-PIN to his real account, opens up a dummy account and load again the same e-PIN. The online game publisher will naturally give a prompt saying the e-PIN is used already. The gamer will then show this to the retailer and either demand a refund or another e-PIN.
1. Retailer should double check first if the right characters were used by the buyer. Sometimes buyers get confused with similar characters like the number zero and the letter O and small and capital letters eye (i), small letter el (l) and number one (1). Also, e-PINs and passwords of prepaid cards are case-sensitive.
2. If the e-PIN is correctly log in and the buyer is getting invalid or used reply by the provider, retailer should contact Customer Support and provide the Trace Number.
3. Customer Support will check with the data base and dictate, text or IM the e-PIN. If it is the same, Customer Support will ask the retailer not to refund since validation still has to be made with the provider. Depending on the availability of the provider’s own customer support and their procedure, validation of the e-PIN can take from 5 minutes to 3 days.

For those who wants to be a Subdealer, there is a registration fee of P100.

Requirements for Free Retailer Registration: You just need to send me your Full Name/ Full Address/Email Address/ Cellphone Number you want to register.

SEND DETAILS TO atisorbusinesscentre@gmail.com or use our contact form below: